Loss prevention

In a year, shoplifting causes nearly $50 billion in losses in the U.S. alone. It would not be an exaggeration to say all shop owners should take steps to avoid this risk. For twenty years, CK Security Group has been guarding and ensuring the protection of some of the city's most notable stores.
CK Security Group trains our guards with excellence and elegance. Our guards will not base surveillance on people solely on their appearance. These methods are outdated, dishonorable, and most importantly, ineffective. At CK Security, we value our guards being trained with the most effective methods available, in order to make you and your customers feel safer.

Residential buildings

Your home is everything; where you relax, where you close your eyes, where you entrust you and your loved ones' safety. Safety, that is a key aspect anyone looks for when renting and deciding where to call home; nothing will make tenants feel safer than one of our trained guards. Not only will our guards provide a safe living environment, but they will increase your property value as well. New York has the most beautiful buildings in the world, let us keep them that way. For any concerns regarding the safety in your building, please contact us.

Facility security

Americans spend a good majority of their time at work, for any office space, warehouse, workshop, etc. security and safety is a must for productivity. A hostile work environment can cause a multitude of problems for your staff. Meanwhile, a workplace where your staff feels secure, where your staff is secured, will have a spike in productivity. CK Security Group can provide trained and experienced guards, for any questions you may have, please contact us.

We were founded, and are serving, in the New York metropolitan area. Please contact us to see if our locations work for you.