About us

At CK Security Group we pride ourselves on our three self-evident values: Confidence, Elegance, and Assurance. If we stay true to these core values, we will be able to effectively and consistently provide our customers with the best service possible.


You will always have confidence when working with us. For two decades, CK Security Group has been providing some of the best security to the city's stores, facilities, residential buildings and much more. We are completely licensed and bonded under all New York State regulations and are insured by Shield Insurance. This is all to make you feel more confident and safer; as safety is the most important thing.


Our guards are exquisitely trained and represent outstanding dignity. We are from New York City, we love New York City, and most importantly we know how to be effective in New York City. Our guards are exemplary employees and will create a safe environment for everyone around them. Our job is to diffuse any confrontation that may occur, when we do our job properly, there is no need to pay attention. This is why our guards handle every situation with the utmost elegance. In addition, we offer security truly tailored to your needs, offering armed or unarmed guards, uniformed or plainly clothed guards.


At CK Security Group, our main goal is assurance. Assure you, assure your customers, assure your tenants, assure your employees, assure everyone around that they are secure. We create a safe environment to assure those around that they can have the most enjoyable time possible, remaining free of danger's shadow. We believe that there is no situation where you should not feel safe and this is why you can rest assured with CK Security Group.

We were founded, and are serving, in the New York metropolitan area. Please contact us to see if our locations work for you.